PTO Meeting May 18th, 2023 @ 9AM Teacher Lounge




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  • Call to order @ 9:02AM by Jocelyn DiRienzo
  • A motion was made by Kristi Cobb to approve the April meeting minutes, and Beth Dean seconded the motion. All were in favor, and the motion carried.


President’s Report - Jocelyn thanked everyone for another amazing school year. This year was very successful. There will be a few more events next week that the PTO will be involved in as we finish up the school year. Jocelyn is waiting to see which teacher will be responsible for next year’s 8th Grade shirts. They didn’t make any profit off of their shirt sales due to additional costs not budgeted. The PTO would be happy to help organize the sale of 8th Grade shirts next year, if needed. We would like the students to receive their shirts earlier in the year so they can enjoy wearing them throughout the year. The PTO will be purchasing pizza, water, chips, and candy to treat the 8th Graders after their 8th Grade promotion rehearsal on Wednesday afternoon. We will be giving jumbo popsicles to the 6th and 7th graders on Thursday.


Treasurer’s Report - Kristi Cobb provided a printout of the April financial information. She discussed the numbers in detail. Kristi and Jocelyn met to discuss costs for spending the excess budget to give back to the school and fulfill staff needs. There is a need for new library furniture. Theater has requested a new projector. Other requests include a smart TV, camera, reading intervention workshop for 2 teachers, 8th Grade pizza, and 6th/7th Grade popsicles. Beth Dean made a motion to approve the April budget along with the distribution of excess money, and Tyler Wheeler seconded the motion. All were in favor, and the motion carried.


Principle/Administrative Report - Nothing to report.



Committee Reports -

  • VP of Events - nothing to report.
  • Membership - nothing to report.
  • Hospitality - Beth Dean reports that teacher appreciation week was fantastic. She has one last meal planned for the teachers next week. Grecian Pizza will be feeding the staff to wrap up the year.
  • Corporate Sponsors - Amy Martin is going to reach out to more companies. A new sponsor form has been designed, and it includes the new Diamond Level.
  • Communications/Website - Julie Pfund has updated many HMS forms. She has the Invest in HMS link ready, and it will go live on July 1st.
  • Front Office/Badges - There are no more planned badge making days this school year.
  • Spiritwear/School supplies - The school supply link for next year’s school supplies is available. They will be delivered to the school.
  • Beautification - Katherine Ehrhardt has used all of her budget. Lawn Barbers completed the landscaping work. She is very pleased with their work. It looks great! She hasn’t made any big plans for her budget next year, but she is going to continue alternating the wreaths and flowers. She is considering updating some of the front office with her budget next year.
  • HMS Athletics - Basketball is hosting two camps this summer in June.
  • Concessions - none


New Business

  • There is a list of the new board members, and they will be voted in today. Julie Pfund made a motion to vote in the new board members, and Tyler Wheeler seconded the motion. All were in favor, and the motion carried.
  • Jocelyn is considering changing the school dances and may add another dance in the Fall. We discussed changing the month of the Glow Dance. We might be able to have a different dance in the fall. There would still be the 8th Grade formal dance in the spring.
  • Kristi and Jocelyn will be planning next year’s budget. Each committee chair was asked if their budget was sufficient or if they were predicting to need more funds for next year.


Meeting adjourned by Jocelyn DiRienzo at 9:47AM


Announcements/Upcoming Dates -

  • Last ½ Day of School, May 25th
  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch, May 25th
  • TBD - Summer meeting to approve next year’s budget

Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events

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