PTO Meeting November 11th, 2022 @ 9AM in HMS Teacher Lounge




Jocelyn DiRienzo Kristi Cobb Susan Harris Amy Martin

Tyler Wheeler Cindy Kelley Beth Dean Jackie Hamilton Dr. Finch Randy Stolle Mr. Hollandsworth


Call to order by Jocelyn DiRienzo at 9:01 AM




A motion was made by Tyler Wheeler to approve last month’s meeting minutes, and seconded by Amy Martin. All are in favor.


President’s Report -  The teachers lounge is completed. All of the Wednesday concession slots are filled through December. There is a need for copy room volunteers. At this time, 3 ladies have been filling in, but schedules and illness have made the copy room duties pile up at times. We don’t have a sign up sheet at this time, but we might send one out in the new year.


Treasurer's Report -  Kristi Cobb discussed this past month’s financial statements. Amy Martin motioned to approve this month’s budget, and Tyler Wheeler seconded the motion. All are in favor.


Principal/Administrative Report -  The staff loves their teacher reward shirts. They are all wearing their shirts today. The teachers love their newly remodeled teacher lounge. Dr. Finch wants to get a picture of some teachers enjoying lunch in the lounge today. She hopes to send it to the In Focus WCS publication to recognize the staff. Dr. Finch said that there will be a Buzz Bash on December 18th. Activities have been planned. Dr. Finch would like to have concessions offered in the cafeteria, but that won’t be possible due to the drinks. There will be activities in the theater, gym, and cafeteria. Buzz bash will start at 7:50. 8th graders will have the first opportunity to get concessions, then 7th and 6th. We will have a sign up sheet to plan concession volunteers and we need to include extra volunteers to help with clean up in the cafeteria. 


Committee Reports -  

  • VP of Events - The 8th grade dance is May 6th.  
  • Membership - Nothing to report
  • Hospitality - Beth Dean has the teacher appreciation lunch item sign up sheet circulating for this month’s lunch. It will be November 17th. The teachers start their lunch as early as 10:20 and finish around 1. Beth will have flyers posted in the school.
  • Corporate Sponsors - Amy Martin contacted the real Estate company about corporate sponsors. They will wait til next year.
  • Communications/Website - Nothing at this time.
  • Front Office/Badges-  The next badge making day is November 17th.
  • Spiritwear/School Supplies - Nothing to report at this time.
  • Beautification - The teacher lounge makeover was completed and revealed on November 7th. 
  • HMS Athletics - N/A
  • Concessions - N/A


New Business -  

  • Staff requests $75 for table clothes and supplies for the book fair. Kristi Cobb says there is money in the budget to donate. Amy Martin motioned to donate $75 for book fair supplies. Tyler Wheeler seconded the motion, and all are in favor.
  • Randy Stolle is asking for donations for the “No missing work” promotion. CIndy Kelley will have another pallet of candy to donate next month, and he is happy to wait for the candy. 


Announcements/Upcoming Dates -  


  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch November 17th
  • There will be NO PTO MEETING in December.
  • Teacher Appreciation December 15th - Dessert
  • Buzz Bash December 16th @ 9AM in Room 708
  • Teacher Appreciation January 4th - Breakfast for teachers


Meeting adjourned by Jocelyn DiRienzo at 9:50 A.M. Motion to adjourn by Kristi Cobb and seconded by Cindy Kelley. 

After the meeting, Mollie Gray asked the PTO to help fund her cookie decorating station during the winter Buzz Bash. Jocelyn says $100 should cover the cookie station. Julie motioned to approve funding $100 to Mollie Gray’s cookie station, and Sarah Smathers seconded the motion. The PTO voted in favor on their private Facebook page. The motion carried.

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