PTO Meeting March 10th, 2023 @ 9AM in HMS Room 708




Jocelyn DiRienzo Kristi Cobb Susan Harris Amy Martin

Dr. Finch Diane Hubert Tyler Wheeler Beth Dean

Mr. Stolle Julie Holt Amanda Abele Alison Small


Call to order by Jocelyn DiRienzo at 9:00 AM


Welcome DIane Hubert motioned to approve the February meeting minutes. Julie Holt seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion carried.


President’s Report - There is one Wednesday after Spring Break that needs another person to help with concessions. Jocelyn asked Mr. Stolle if another teacher/parent could help as another adult at the concession stand because there has to be two adults to handle the money. He didn’t think there would be any problems with that. 


Treasurer’s Report - Kristi Cobb went over the February budget. She discussed what was expected to be extra, and we will need to carry over to the next school year. Diane Hubert motioned to approve the budget. Beth Dean seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion carried.


Principal/Administrative Report - Fiesta de Hornets is scheduled for May 12th. There are no details yet as the teachers are focusing all efforts towards TCAP test preparations.


Committee Reports

  • VP of Events: Diane Hubert informed us that the students voted for the 8th Grade Formal theme. A Starry Night theme won by 4% with the Red Carpet theme coming in 2nd place. 8th Grade Formal tickets will go on sale on April 21st. The tickets will cost $20. Julie Pfund has started to create flyers for the newsletter, and she will also hang the flyers throughout the school. All PTO members are needed to help throughout the day on May 6th with decorating, chaperoning, and/or cleaning up. Other tier III volunteers are welcomed to help with chaperoning and cleaning up after the dance. Decorating for the dance will start at 9AM on May 6th. The dance is from 6:30pm-8:30pm. There are 277 students. We are planning on providing for 300 people. Diane confirmed that a facility form was filled out for the building to have A/C going.
  • Membership: Nothing at this time.
  • Hospitality: Beth Dean has Amigos catering lunch for the teachers today. She will keep the break room stocked the month of April and will be providing snacks and such for the April teacher appreciation. She requested the Middle School TCAP testing dates so she can be sure she has snacks and treats planned accordingly.  In May, there will be a teacher appreciation week.
  • Corporate Sponsors: Amy Martin has nothing new to report. 
  • Communications: Nothing at this time.
  • Front Office/Badges/Signs: Today is the last day for badge making. Jocelyn can always make a badge, if needed.
  • Spiritwear/School Supplies: Nothing to report.
  • Beatification: Nothing to report.
  • HMS Athletics/Concessions: Julie Holt says concessions have been going well. The PTO is making a small profit to give back to the school where they see it is needed.


New Business

  • Amy Martin and Jocelyn discussed adding a Platinum Sponsorship to the corporate sponsors. The cost would be $2500 for the year. Otherwise, the current options are $300, $500, and $1000. A Platinum Sponsor would have their own individual banner displayed. 
  • Rising 6th Grade night is scheduled for Tuesday, May 9th 5:30-6:30. We will have a PTO table with information for those new to the school. The rising 6th Graders will be visiting HMS on May 5th from HES and LVES. Allendale’s rising 6th Graders will be visiting on May 3rd. 
  • The school district manages the fee schedule for the athletic teams. Mathews Team Sports, LLC is the company.  They require the uniforms to be game cloth material sold by Tate Mathews. Sharon and Michelle Karpovich are the people to talk to about team sponsors and the uniform schedule. 


Diane Hubert motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:36 AM. Jocelyn seconded the motion. All were in favor, and the motion carried.


Announcements/Upcoming Dates

  • Spring Break, March 13th-17th
  • No School, April 7th
  • PTO Meeting, April 14th
  • Teacher Appreciation Week, May 1st-5th



  • Dr. Finch made a request for the PTO to fund prizes for a TCAP prep competition for the students. She is suggesting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes for each grade level and an estimated cost of $170. Kristi Cobb made a motion to fund Dr. Finch’s TCAP prep prizes, and Susan Harris seconded the motion. All who voted on the PTO’s private Facebook page were in favor and the motion carried.

Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events

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