PTO Meeting Sept 10, 2018  4:30 PM Heritage Middle School library



Tiffany Dondanville, Tammy Kaminski, Tiffani Marshall, Sophia Moore, Dr. Ralston, Assistant Principal

Chasity Hill, Christina Trahan, Susan Perry, Angie Basham, Stephanie Manis, Dr. Dana Finch, Principal

Randy Stolle, Assistant Principal, Sophia Moore



Call to Order by Tammy Kaminski, president (4:40 PM)


Approval of August Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to approve -Stephanie Manus – Second – Chasity Hill


President’s Report

  • Spirit Wear – Slow start. Posts and emails by Admin helped push sales. Strong finish.Decision to Pre-Order shirts for Spring rising 6th graders. Bump profit to $5/shirt. Profit $1400 for PTO.  ($1272 to Pre-Order shirts. )

           Booster Bucks – Bought larger size shirts for Spring/2019 Back to School

                        Maybe next year have individual Sports Shirts! Ways to expand sales for 2019

                                    Some sports may offer their own, but worth discussion with each Coach

                        How to deliver – Can we just deliver to Homeroom?  lunch time?

           Admin suggests having kids sign that they received shirts from Homeroom teacher then return signed sheets to PTO


Treasurer’s Report

  • Income - $1400 Invest increase. Still $1800 less than last year.
    • Possible loss from not having an Open House night
    • Send one last email from Admin for a push
  • Expenses - $3600 Pavers around trees, PD Day
  • Cross Country – time clock. Still checking on purchase. No luck with scoreboard sign.
  • Approved- Sophia Moore. Second – Angie Basham



Principal’s Report

  • DATE – Team Reward Fridays. Oct 26, Jan 11, Mar 29, May 10th Concession Sales.
  • Students request Bike rack? Could PTO Purchase? Will look into options.


Committee Reports

    • Sign up Genius out for Glow Party. 5 people have signed up.  Wanting PTO Board to sign up for spots so we can get a count.
    • DJ Set. Photo Booth.  Black light rental.
    • Permission slip for Photos Sent out by Dr Finch and returned to Homeroom. Do we use PTO letterhead or School letterhead? Because no matter the event (School or PTO) permission will be required this year.  Will check with cheerleaders and Student Council to see if we can merge a letter.
    • Increase budget for EVENTS because of photo booth – over $350. Photo booths reserved for all PTO events this year.
    • Food ? junk – snacks.  Individually wrapped cookies.  Purchases from Sam’s.  No donations – purchase with ticket sale funds. Ice/Water from Cafeteria – keys with Admin.
    • No chaperones needed – 5 Teachers as chaperones. Plus 2 Admin.
    • Market as PARTY to interest more students.


    • Entering membership information (paper forms)
    • 38 Staff Members have joined


    • 16 Volunteers for Copy Room and Front Office. Volunteers applying for Tier 3, so more will be scheduled.
    • Volunteers concerned they don’t have enough work. 6th Grade is majority of work.
    • Make sure teachers know to send their Copies! Have Renee send emails to Teachers when volunteers are available!
    • Badges are 2nd Wednesday of each month 10-11!


    • First luncheon Sept 26th – Fiesta Lunch! Sign up out on Wed 9/12


    • Paint ball – getting a little too large for Spirit Night– maybe postpone to Fall as event.
    • Going with Skating (spring), Grecian Pizzeria, Culver’s (looking for dates this semester)
    • Market to Feeder Elementary Schools to get more students to come


    • Reached out to Chick Fil A – considering breakfast for Teachers


    • Check us out on Facebook and Newsletters


    • Oct 22nd – Beautification work day. 3:15 – 4:30 PM (after school)
    • Ask parents to donate Lowe’s gift cards- purchase dirt/flowers, if parents can’t attend.
    • Looking to purchase dirt for Trees (1/2 load - $115)
    • Looking for a pressure washer to clean Bus Loop.
    • Talking to Bird Guy to look at relocating Birds. Possibly get Owls.
    • Will get with Chasity for Flyer info
    • Looking for new time clock quote that is cheaper. (for Cross Country/Track)
    • Concessions going great – rough start with small tasks – but on track now.



Unfinished business

  • Spirit Wear- see President’s Report


New Business

  • Teacher/Staff Requests-Very Positive feedback for PTO this year.
  • Open Floor – Can we close off one of the Loops for Drop off at dances?
    • Admin : Just need to be consistent throughout school year. After discussion, decide to use Bus Loop as only entrance.


Upcoming Dates

  • Next meeting – Oct 8th at 4:30 PM
  • GLOW Party – Set up 3PM – Clean up 8PM
  • Teacher Luncheon – Sept 26



Adjourned by Tammy Kaminski. (5:34 pm)

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