PTO Meeting Oct 8, 2018  4:30 PM Heritage Middle School library



Tiffany Dondanville                                         Tammy Kaminski

Tiffani Marshall                                                Sophia Moore

Chasity Hill                                                      Stephanie Manis

Dr. Dana Finch, Principal                                 Sophia Moore

Susie Power                                                    Carrie Buchanan

Tammy Womack                                              Megan Nichols

Dr. Ralston, Assistant Principal                        Randy Stolle, Assistant Principal


Call to Order by Tammy Kaminski, president (4:30 PM)


Approval of September Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to approve -Tammy Womack – Second – Chasity Hill

President’s Report – See New Business


Treasurer’s Report

  • Income - GLOW Dance – cleared $1000 after expenses
  • No news on Cross Country Clock. Josh (Track Parent/Coach) – should  research and just buy Clock for reimbursement.  Budget : under $1000
  • Bike Rack – Quotes for 5 bike rack/10 bike rack. Decide to buy 10 bike rack. Motion to spend up to $500. Motion by Tammy Kaminski. Second by Stephanie Manis
  • Treasurer’s Report Approved- Tammy Kaminski . Second – Sophia Moore

Principal’s Report

  • Great success with Remediation Program at HMS. (tutoring) Started with 60 students, then had 85 at end of 1st quarter progress reporting period. Trying to avoid failure/summer school. Looking for input for the program and help in promoting the program to kids in need.
  • Night of the Arts – Oct 23rd. Fine Arts students throughout school.

Committee Reports

    • Attendance for Glow Party – down 50 students, but saw a diverse crowd.
    • Include a cell phone number and printed name line on future permissions slips.
    • For next year, permission slips will include notice : If you attend, you could be photographed.   
    • DJ booked for Nov 2nd Dress up for Decades. NO MASKS.
    • Will do Sign Up Genius for Volunteers after Fall break. Posters go up After Oct 23rd
    • Will go in Newsletter this week (Oct 12th)
    • Work on Classroom Teachers that haven’t joined. Forms in mailboxes
    • Need more Volunteer Subs for Front Office
    • Candy for Teachers (Trick or Treat) No donations needed.
    • Last luncheon was fantastic. School year going great.
    • Culvers Oct 30th : Invite feeder elementary schools. Get staff members to Serve! (5-8PM)
    • Grecian Pizzeria in December.
    • Skating at Brentwood Skate Center - April 5th – Invite Feeder Elementary Schools
    • Working on getting Event Tickets for Donations for teachers.
    • Making posters – taking requests. ;)
    • Work Day – Oct 22nd – 3:15-4:30
    • Football Banquet over. Waiting on Replacement Sign to be Hung on Football Field. 
    • Potential for Boys’s Soccer for Concessions. Waiting on Parent input for Staffing.

Unfinished business

  • See Bike Rack discussion in Treasurer’s Report

New Business

  • Air Filter Fundraiser – Introduced at Athletic Director Meeting – Subscription service for monthly home air filter delivery or once every 3 months. $5 to Heritage for Each Filter Delivered – Each time they are delivered. Nothing to handle at the School level, but would have to push sales to get started. Potential to earn $28,000 for your school if 600 families bought filters each 3 months. Subscription continues until cancelled.
  • Do we specify where the money goes to boost sales? Discussion to give money to library or allocate evenly to all school departments. Tammy will reach out for information to start.

Upcoming Dates

  • Oct 22nd: Landscaping
  • Oct 31st : Candy for Teachers
  • Nov 2nd: Dance through Decades (6-8 PM)
  • Next meeting – Nov 12th at 4:30 PM
  • January 26th : Dodgeball Tournament – want to get teacher/student combo teams. Want to set up older and younger brackets and advertise them.
    • Advertise at a pep rally – set up a mock teacher vs student game


Adjourned by Tammy Kaminski. (5:35 PM)

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