PTO Meeting Nov 26, 2018  4:30 PM Heritage Middle School library



Tiffany Dondanville                                         Tammy Kaminski

Randy Stolle, Assistant Principal                     Tammy Womack

Susie Power                                                     Sophia Moore

Dr Ralston, Assistant Principal                        Tiffani Marshall

Angie Basham                                                 Stephanie Manis

Megan Nichols                                                Christina Trahan

Carrie Buchanan


Call to Order by Tammy Kaminski, president (4:30 PM)

Approval of September Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to approve – Stephanie Manis – Second – Megan Nichols


President’s Report – Thanks for adjusting to the meeting change


Treasurer’s Report – NEW: School Supply Check $1100. Dance $1100 income. $248 Culvers

                                   EXPENSES: Purchase Bike Rack $466.

                                   Approve – Angie Basham  Second – Susie Power


Principal’s Report -  Wish List : Table Easels (Display for Art) for School Activities (Set of 25)


Committee Reports

  • VP EVENTS: Possibly schedule more time between dances (6 weeks between was too close) Limited by Independence Football Schedule – maybe do AWAY game night instead of waiting for BYE week.
    • Would parents be interested in an event geared towards them?
    • Possibly check music choices for editing
  • MEMBERSHIP: New Magnets have arrived - will go to online membership families
  • HOSPITALITY: Nov 6th – Sonic donated food for Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • Nov 28th – Tailgating lunch for Teachers
    • Andy’s Custard for Teacher/Staff Birthdays?
    • Grecian Pizzeria in December 13th 5-9PM
    • Skating at Brentwood Skate Center - April 5th – Invite Feeder Elementary Schools
  • CORPORATE SPONSORS: Gift Cards Delivered for Teachers (Gas/Honeybaked Ham)
  • BEAUTIFICATION: Decorated for Holidays
  • ATHLETICS: Concessions sign up for Basketball has Opened – will be filled by Fine Arts if Athletics does not fill
    • No Communication Yet for Soccer or Wrestling Banquet
    • Will be adding Laminated Instructions for Cash Box in Concessions

Unfinished business

  • Air Filter Fundraiser – Found out there’s a $5 shipping fee each month. 
    • Can split funds between Fine Arts, Athletics, Academics. Paid quarterly
    • Could money be used to put lights on Football Field? Central Office does not place priority on lights on Middle School Fields.
    • How do we stop the fundraiser? Should proceed if it isn’t difficult
    • Start fresh in the New Year


New Business

  • $2500 for Library Books – Mrs Eubanks cleaning out library and wanting to update to newer books. Going forward in 2018-2019– allocate Spirit Night Funds to Library.
    • Motion– Tammy Kaminski Second – Carrie Buchanan
  • Chromebook Cart - $7900 – Would be Cart purchase for the Year.
    • Would take Balance to $15,000 in account with Library purchase
    • Motion – Sophia Moore Second – Christina Trahan
    • Will County Match Purchase?
  • Teacher/Staff Requests
    • Mrs Schrum would like to request Metal Benches for Field Sideline
      • Soccer regulations require benches for both sides of field
      • Possibly purchase at end of year
      • Mrs Schrum will get quotes to PTO
    • Field and track redone – Could we get track resurfaced or lit?
  • Could we add more Campus Lights? Very dark in evenings at Events
    • Asst Principals will look into possibilities


Upcoming Dates

  • Nov 28th – Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
  • Next meeting – Dec 10th 4:30PM
  • PBIS December 21st - Concessions
  • January 26th :Dodgeball Tournament-shoot for 10 kid teams/10 adult teams
    • How can we get teachers involved? Have video to show during lunch
    • Need to come up with Community Teams – Banner on Hwy 31?
    • Can we get the Chick Fil A Cow?


Adjourned by Tammy Kaminski. (5:35 PM)

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